Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Six Months Home!

Today marks the six month anniversary of Aubrey and Micah first arriving on US soil! After a grueling 24 hours of travel (after Cliff and I having been sick for many days with a horrible virus that sent me to a Bulgar*an hospital) we finally arrived at the tiny Erie airport which was filled with well-wishers who had come to show their support and meet our new children. We were so thankful for the way God carried us through those difficult days in Bulgar*a and helped us to travel home without incident and without further sickness. Boy were we glad to be home!


Little did we know that after all of the preparation to bring them home…all the fundraising, all the travel, all the heartache of having to leave them for five months at their orphanage in between trips…that those things were actually the “easy” part! Real life is where the rubber meets the road and parents and children must learn about one another, how to bond, and how to live life together. One thing that God has been speaking to my heart over the months of adjustment is that nothing worthwhile is really ever easy! Think about anything in your own life that you are proud of…didn’t it take time and effort? Didn’t it cause you tears and frustration? Didn’t it require heart commitment even when you were weary? But wasn’t it worth it anyway? Things like loving a spouse well, finishing a college education, reacting well in a tough parenting situation…these are the things that test us and cause us to grow, relying on God all the while. And this is where we find ourselves. Adoption is tough but it is worth it!

Gotcha Day at the Orphanage
Six months home!
You may be tempted to think, from our Facebook posts, that things here are always wonderful, but honestly, we’ve had our share of tough days. Days where the connection just isn’t there, days where we second guess this call of adoption on our lives. Lest you think that we are super parents (because we are certainly not), we lose patience, get tired, fail to nurture when we should, and a host of other shortcomings when it comes to our new children. But, in the midst of those things we glimpse God at work as well! We see the sunshine peeking through in so many areas of Aubrey and Micah’s little lives and in our own.  Many little changes, that add up to children who are progressing in so many areas; areas where they would never have thrived without the love of a family, without sisters and brothers cheering them on, without good medical care and nutrition, and love.
First time at the county fair!
Some things have been tough, but some things have been remarkably easy. We prepared our biological children many months ahead of time for the coming of their new brother and sister. The two-trip policy in Bulgar*a has one advantage, and that is being able to meet the children before bringing them home so as to best prepare for their needs. So, we did our best to tell our kiddos all we knew about Aubrey and Micah, we tried our best to answer their questions, and alleviate all their fears. Still, we anticipated the months of upheaval, similar to what we had experienced in the past whenever we had a foster care placement.  But lo and behold, it just never happened. From the beginning, our biological kids have accepted Aubrey and Micah as part of our family. They have loved them with a whole heart. They have not even paid attention to their disabilities. They play with them, help take care of them, cuddle them, tell them how much they love them. We have been so thankful for their open hearts and it has made this transition so much easier. Makena has had some jealous moments, typical of a two year old, but other than that, we have been so spoiled in this regard!


Three boys and three girls. Six little lives to point to God.  Six little lives to help nurture. Six little people to love. We are thankful. Thankful for each one. Even on the tough days, trying to see the blessings in it all…and there ARE many blessings.

Happy six months home, Micah and Aubrey! You are loved!


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