Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Three Months Home

It’s amazing how quickly times goes by. In a few days we will be to the three month mark since Aubrey and Micah came home to us. In some ways it feels like they have always been a part of our family and in other ways it feels like we just barely got home!
We have been so amazed at Aubrey and Micah’s ability to adjust to family life. Sure, there are hard days but overall things have gone very smoothly. We have always been teased by friends whose children are up at the crack of dawn since our children sleep until 8:00 or even as late as 9:00AM most mornings from the time they turn a year old. We have assured these friends that once we adopt, surely we will be rising with the sun as well since we wouldn’t be blessed enough to have two more late morning sleepers. You can imagine our surprise when both Aubrey and Micah slept until at least 8:00AM each morning while we were in Bulgaria. We figured it was just a fluke. But, the jet lag didn’t seem to phase them and they were taking regular naps and sleeping right along with our other children within days of getting home! So thankful!
They are also great eaters! Micah only eats pureed food since that is what he was given at the orphanage and he doesn’t yet know how to chew. Aubrey began eating solid foods within a day of leaving the orphanage and hasn’t ever looked back! She shows us her appreciation for her newfound food with a resounding, “Mmmmmmmm” at almost every bite! We will be working on transitioning Micah to solids and encouraging Aubrey to feed herself.
We have spent much of the last few months getting Aubrey and Micah back and forth to Pittsburgh Children’s hospital to get them caught up on all the medical visits. It’s amazing how much we needed to look into since they went without routine medical care for their first years of life. One specialist just kind of lead to another and before we knew it the calendar was full of appointments. We are finally at the end of the appointments and we are thankful that things will start to slow down a bit. They are at a good place physically and we are so thankful for good reports from their doctors.
We are so proud of Olivia, Sawyer, Collin, and Makena and how they have invited Aubrey and Micah into the fold. They have proven to be excellent brothers and sisters to their two new siblings and we are constantly in awe of how God knit their hearts together even before Aubrey and Micah arrived home. We were expecting the turmoil we have experienced as a family in the past whenever we had foster children placed in our home but we experienced none of that. As a matter of fact, within days of Aubrey and Micah coming home Olivia and Sawyer were already asking when we would be adopting again! J
Adoption is not easy but it IS worth it! It is a joy to see the changes happening in Aubrey and Micah as they move out of their shells and come to enjoy life in a family more and more. It is also good to recognize the changes that God is making in our own hearts as he teaches us every day to become more like Him as we care for our children, both biological and adopted.

"The most difficult things I have done in my life have been the best things I ever did." ~ John M Simmons